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America (Alfred F. Jones)
19 July 2020 @ 10:15 pm
Mun: Lisa
AIM: karei ni ouen
E-mail: schuli07[at]gmail[dot]com

If there's anything you'd like to say about the way I portray America, please leave it here! Criticism, comments and suggestions are welcomed as long as they're constructive!

Comments are screened. ♥
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America (Alfred F. Jones)
02 September 2010 @ 02:27 am
player info.
name/handle: Lisa
contact info: AIM: kareiniouen
personal journal: sunflowerraven
previous characters: N/A

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America (Alfred F. Jones)
07 July 2010 @ 09:45 pm
So I've noticed everyone saying they haven't seen anything happen yet. I really haven't either, except for this place becoming increasingly more tense. Everyone's on edge waiting for... what, exactly? If nothing's blown up yet or nobody's died, is there really a reason to flip out?

Everyone should simmer down until there's something to worry about! The atmosphere is so tense..

[ooc: Yeah America's.. usually pretty blunt but, if you can catch him in a 'lie' today he'll be truthful about it.]
America (Alfred F. Jones)
18 June 2010 @ 05:32 pm
He's gone. I can't find him any

[The device clicks on as it falls, hits the ground. A hand reaches for it but doesn't seem to have the energy. Out of focus to the left is a bottle of... some kind of booze, and 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' can be heard playing in the background. There's a form face down on the couch, barely made out in the light of the device and the dark of the room.]

..bastard. You always were good at leaving me alone.

[The feed eventually shuts off when he swats it again.]
America (Alfred F. Jones)
15 June 2010 @ 11:51 pm
[America can be seen... wearing an apron and cleaning, organizing, whatever.. what can be assumed to be Germany's room. Guess who's the housewife this event? He notices the device and grins widely.]

Everyone~! Since school's out and you all did so well - you all make me so proud, seriously! Hehehe! I figured we should spend the day at the beach! All of us, as a family!

[America is somehow related to everyone so yeah idk anymore.]
America (Alfred F. Jones)
01 June 2010 @ 02:18 am
[The feed clicks on, and there are barely audible footsteps. He's pacing back and forth. He murmurs for a bit, but his barely audible words can be heard, and his voice is definitely losing the usual spark it tends to carry.]

...now people are starting to go missing. What's even going on anymore? And that screaming, god damn, it never stops, huh? Would it be too much to cut it out for a night? Every time I shut my eyes, it's there; I can hear it..

[He sighs, shuffling, as he tosses the device from hand to hand.]

...why hasn't it stopped yet? It's getting harder and harder to keep track of everyone, keep everyone safe, when I don't even know who I'm fighting against..

[Nervous little laugh.]

Hell, I'd give anything for commies or terrorists right now. At least I know how to..

[He trails off, and there's silence, before he ends the feed.]

(ooc: Yeah, America's losing it. He'll most likely be suspicious of everyone who tags so yeah fun times.)
America (Alfred F. Jones)
30 May 2010 @ 10:49 am
[Wow, 100 entries. What better than to celebrate by using it during a paranoia event? Now anyone who knows American history knows that America sucks with paranoia. Every few decades there's something else that upsets his people, puts them on edge, turns them against others.

The device clatters to the ground and turns on in the process, and in the dark America can barely be seen, clawing and scratching at the barrier. Anything, to try to get out. He's mumbling to himself, and though his voice sounds half asleep god forbid he doesn't get his beauty sleep he definitely sounds frantic. The screaming can be heard in the background throughout this whole thing.]

-did I put it? The list, it was here. I had it. I need it, I need it to prove... Also, it was 205, wasn't it? 205.. are there that many here? They all are, aren't they, just to- Why else would they be keeping me in here, won't let me leave. They want to make me one of them. Bastards think they can join that fucking party, change my policies, do they?

[A barely audible 'woosh' as he punches the barrier, and nothing happens. He laughs, bitterly.]

They won't. Not to me. Never will. I'm above them. Can't force to do anything, as I'm onto them. Especially since they have her, gotta find her and save her before they make her one of them.

[A flash of light, and the sound of a gun. Yeah, guess who's shooting it now, and getting increasingly more frustrated as he does.]

Dammit. What the hell!?
Current Location: First floor.
America (Alfred F. Jones)
Hey, Major. Uh. Whatever you are.

A word. Now.

[ooc: So I feel like having my character exploited. Cool beans. Uh. Usual Major warnings go here. But yes, he accidentally fail filtered this; Germany and Meriken have access to it. Technically, so does England, since they're in the same room. Ish. So yeah.]
America (Alfred F. Jones)
20 May 2010 @ 12:24 am
[The video clicks on with a clatter, seems to skid across the floor a good foot or so, and then comes to a stop on it's side. America suddenly runs into and off of frame, dripping wet and covered in... flour. Yes, baking flour. He's laughing.] It was an accident! I told you to move!

Accident?! You can't have that sort of aim when it's just an "accident!" Come over here, and I'll show you a real accident!! [There are eggs flying now.]

[Eggs cracking can be heard, before... oh hay have a water jet spray at you, Meriken. Hoses from the sink are awesome.] That was an accident. This is me aiming!

[Some yelling and maybe laughter too as Meriken backs up to avoid the water. Hand in front of her face, she's going to grab the hose from another sink and counter.] Is that the best you can do?! [And now she grabs under the counter for I don't know some other messy food item, and throws it at him.]


[...okay. That? Is uncalled for. The spray stops a moment and suddenly a bag of flour goes flying, clouding up everything visible with white powder. Until it settles.] Stop asking me that! That's not one of my cities!

[Just laughing and have some syrup from a bottle being squirted at you now, America. Don't you look delicious.]

[Heroes are always delicious. But ew. Sticky syrup. Everywhere. Sadly this isn't the first time he's been doused in maple syrup, but at least it's not his precious jacket. He runs around the table and comes at her, throwing more eggs and yelling some sort of awesome heroic battle cry as he charges! ...and the feed times out.]

(ooc: Alright, tags all over the place. I need sleep so most likely they'll be from Meriken for a while. Red is Meriken, Blue is America, obviously.)
America (Alfred F. Jones)
13 May 2010 @ 12:44 am
Boy, what a fun event that was, huh? Fucking empires, I swear to God. Kind of makes me glad that I'm not in the center of all that bullshit.

If anyone sees a rabbit running around the size of a house cat, it's probably Caroline. She got out and I'd like her back.

Hey England, I...

[ooc: Denial is awesome. idk. Posted after Germany frees him from the closet, a few hours after the log. Strikes are hackable if you're really good at it.]
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